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FIC: Drabble Meme (Sliders, Lost, Andromeda)
Drabbles written for this meme.

Late one night, on a world that they won't remember clearly six slides from now, in a hotel room in the Chandler that is exactly the same as every other room in every other Chandler Hotel, Maggie breaks down and finally tells Wade about Steven.

Wade is the only one still awake; she fascinates herself by trying to keep abreast of developments in soap operas on TV, they seem to be one of the few constants on every Earth. People still fall in love and backstab each other and survive amnesia only to be ousted by their evil twins.

It is usually a solitary pursuit, something that happens while the others sleep or look for work or food. She is not prepared for Maggie to sit down and begin talking about her husband.

But she listens, and when Maggie is done, Wade tells her about the Professor.

It's catharsis for them both, and when Remmy gets up in the morning he finds the two girls asleep in front of the television, curled up by each other without fighting for once, and he smiles at the sweet sight for a long moment before rousing them to get ready for the slide.

There are things he does to save Charlie: catching Claire's bird; swimming out to rescue her; building a lightning rod.

There are things he does because Charlie is his friend: helping with guitar repair; watching Aaron while Charlie whisks Claire away for a picnic; repairing the storm-tattered tent.

There are things he does to save himself: trekking into the jungle after someone who is (not) Penny; building the church with Charlie; nudging reconciliation between the various shattered Island couples.

He needs to know that there is a future for him, and that is why he saves the future for Charlie.

When Seamus Harper was ten, he acquired his first nanowelder. He won it in a card game against a spacer; when the game was over and the tool was safely in the child's hands, the spacer looked at him in amazement. "But...I cheated!"

"Yeah," Seamus said, "But I cheated better."

When Seamus Harper was thirty, the stakes were higher; he wasn't playing for tools or food or even his own life anymore, he was playing for the lives of his friends. Trance was as upset as Trance got, crying out, "They're cheating!"

"Yeah," Harper said, grinning, "But we'll cheat better."

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I loved the Harper drabble!!

Yay! ^__^ Thanks so much! :D

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